Proposed Resolution from Ann Arbor 5th Ward Democratic Party Club

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The following resolution was submitted by Alan Haber, on behalf of the Ann Arbor 5th Ward Democratic Party Club, at the January 14th General Membership Meeting. It will be voted on at the February 5th General Membership Meeting.

To: Ann Arbor City Democratic Party, February 5, 2017
From: Ann Arbor 5th Ward Democratic Party Club.
Subject:  Resolution.  Start Collecting Funds for Library Lot  “Center of the City” Petition Legal Appeals.


Whereas in 2016, the Ann Arbor 5th Ward Democratic Party Club adopted  a Resolution, the last sentence of which:  “appeals to the Ann Arbor City Democratic Party as a whole to initiate fundraising, to pursue legal appeals of City Actions suppressing the “Center of the City” petition.”   (copied below PDF), and

Whereas the Ann Arbor Democratic Party adopted a Resolution in 2010 for keeping the Library Lot in public ownership and developing  it for public use (copied below PDF), and

Whereas the Ann Arbor City Democratic Party reconsidered the question in 2015  and reaffirmed its support for central  park and commons development on the Library Lot (copied below PDF), and

Whereas Ann Arbor City Council Members, Democrats in majority, ignored this desire, and determined rather to sell the Public Land for Private development, and

Whereas many Ann Arbor voters were grieved that the City Council seemed intent to sell our Center of the City Public Land, and

Whereas voters in Ann Arbor initiated a “Center of the City” Petition to seek redress of this grievance, by amending the City Charter to designate this Public Land for Park and Commons development, and

Whereas 4843 individual registered voters signed the Petition, more than the 4616 then required (5% of all registered voters) to put the question on the ballot, 

Whereas the City Attorney and City Clerk determined that 433 of the petitioners would not be allowed to be certified because of local rules, and

Whereas on this basis the City Clerk determined that our petition failed to qualify by 206 signatures, for the November 2016 election, and 

Whereas a petition to amend the City Charter has one year in which to collect signatures, and

Whereas the City Attorney and City Clerk have refused accept for certification 804 further signatures, to be aggregated with the 4410 already certified, even though the one year period had not completed, and

Whereas a City Council majority, all Democrats, again declined to use its own initiative to put the question on the ballot, and

Whereas it is proper to attempt to hold Elected Representatives and City staff accountable to constituent desires, and

Whereas The City of Ann Arbor  Democratic Party stands behind its Resolutions of 2010 and 2015, supporting public use development of the Library Lot, and 

Whereas Legal Appeals of these rulings are directed as the proper recourse if a petitioner or petitioners are not satisfied with  decisions by election staff , and .

Whereas Legal actions to Appeal these City decisions require funds, 

Therefore be it resolved that the Ann Arbor Democratic Party appeals to all its members and friends to contribute to a “Legal Appeal  Fund” to pursue legal remedies to restore the Constitutionally guaranteed Right of 5647 registered Ann Arbor voter Petitioners  to Petition the Government for a redress of Grievances, and to achieve the democratic desire of Ann Arbor Voters to have a Vote on the future of the Library Lot, at the earliest possible time.
The initiator of the “Center of the City” Petition, and  coordinator of the Legal Appeals, is the Ann Arbor Committee for the Community Commons, Inc.  (a Michigan Not for Profit Corporation, 531 Third Street, Ann Arbor 48103, )

submitted by Alan Haber in behalf of the 5th Ward Democratic Party Club, the Ann Arbor Committee for the Community Commons, and 5647 petitioners, (more that the 5% required by law) 734 657 8083,

The Ann Arbor 5th Ward Democratic Party Club previously passed resolutions regarding the “Library Lot” in 2010 and 2015. They are available below in a single PDF document.

Ann Arbor 5th Ward Democratic Party Club – Commons Resolutions 2010-2015

Candidates for the Executive Board 2017

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The Nominating Committee of the Ann Arbor Democratic Party met on Saturday, January 07, 2017. The following list of candidates were voted on and will be recommended for election by the General Membership at their meeting on Saturday, January 14, 2017:

  • Chairman – Susan Baskett
  • Treasurer – Georgina LeHuray
  • Secretary – Nora Lee Wright
  • Vice Chair for Organization – Jane Forman
  • Vice Chair for Special Events – Ashley Rutledge
  • Vice Chairs for Outreach and Inclusion – Keith Dumas and Lisa Kramer
  • Vice Chair for Communications – Jeremy Glick
  • Chief Technology Officer – Jaime Magiera
  • Vice Chair for Voter Registration and Protection – Carolyn Hejkal
  • Vice Chairs for Broadcasting and Production – Rod Casey and Jaime Magiera
  • Vice Chairs for Legislative Affairs – Grant Shafer and Peggy Rabhi
  • Vice Chairs for Statewide Engagement – Hedieh Briggs and Mary Hall-Thiam
  • Vice Chair for Women’s Engagement – Anna Zinkel
  • Vice Chairs for Social and Digital Media – Leslie Sobel and Jeremy Glick

The following positions are still open:

  • Vice Chair for Programs
  • Vice Chair for Fundraising
  • Vice Chair for Resolutions, Bylaws and Policy
  • Vice Chair for Mature Adult Issues
  • Liaison to the College Democrats

Submitted by,
Mary Hall-Thiam
Vice Chair of Organization

Ann Arbor Dems Executive Board Elections 2017

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The Nominating Committee will be meeting on January 7th 2:00PM at the Washtenaw County Learning Resource Center, 4135 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor. At that time, members of the party will be nominated for positions on the Executivce Board. The election will take place during the General Membership Meeting on January 14 9:30am-12n at the Washtenaw County Administration Bldg, 200 North Main Street, Ann Arbor.

If you are interested in running for any position on Ann Arbor Dems Executive Board, please contact Mary ( You can also just attend the Nominating Committee meeting and let the committee know you are interested. The meeting is open to public.

The Executive Board positions are:

  • Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Vice Chairs for Organization
  • Vice Chairs for Programs
  • Vice Chairs for Special Events
  • Vice Chair for Fundraising
  • Vice Chairs for Resolutions, Bylaws, & Policy
  • Vice Chairs for Outreach & Inclusion
  • Vice Chair for Communications
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Vice Chair for Mature Adult Issues
  • Liaison to the College Democrats
  • Vice Chair for Voter Registration & Protection
  • Vice Chair for Broadcasting & Production
  • Vice Chair for Legislative Affairs
  • Vice Chair for Statewide Engagement
  • Vice Chair for Womens Engagement
  • Vice Chair for Social & Digital Media

The officer election process is defined in Article IX of Ann Arbor Democratic Party Bylaws.

2017 Nominating Committee

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At our general meeting on Saturday December 10, 2016, members voted on the 2017 Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will in turn nominate members of the party to the Executive Board in the coming weeks. The process for assembling the Nominating Committee, and their responsibilities, is defined in Article IX of Ann Arbor Democratic Party Bylaws.

Ward 1
James Daniel
Peggy Rabhi
Bill Worzel (alternate)

Ward 2
Jim McIntosh
Margaret Bennett
Travis Radina (alternate)

Ward 3
Doug Scott
Erica Ackerman
Marty Fischoff (alternate)

Ward 4
Greg Herbert
Ashley Rutledge
Jaime Magiera (alternate)

Ward 5
Jane Forman
Susan Fectau
Katie Scott (alternate)

Fundraising Reception for Hillary Clinton

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Join us at the fundraising reception for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States

Sunday, October 23, 2016 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Arbor Brewing Company, 114 East Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Final Pres. Debate Watch Party

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Final Presidential Debate Watch Party

This event will be on October 19th, 2016 at 220 Sunset Rd Ann Arbor, Mi 48105

Starts at 8pm! Free event! CLICK HERE FOR FLYER FOR MORE INFORMATION –> debate-watch-party


John Austin Mich Board of Ed Event

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5:30 to 7:00pm

At the Corner Brewery

720 Norris Street, Ypsilanti, Mi 48198

Suggested Contribution: $50, $100 or $250


Fundraiser For Debbie Dingell with Gretchen Whitmer and Dan Kildee

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Join us at a reception for
Congresswoman Debbie Dingell


Rep. Debbie Dingell

With Special Guests
Congressman Dan Kildee
Former Democratic State Senate Leader and current
Ingham Co. Prosecutor Gretchen Whitmer

Thursday, September 15, 2016
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
University Bank
2015 Washtenaw Ave. • Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Governor Snyder’s term ends in two years.  Who will be our next Governor?

On Thursday September 15th, you have the opportunity to hear first hand and meet the two leading potential Democratic candidates.  According to Inside Michigan Politics, polling data show that the former state senate majority leader Gretchen Whitmer and Congressman Dan Kildee have the inside track to the Democratic Party nomination for Governor in 2018.  That might sound like a long time away, however it really isn’t as it is likely that the race for Governor will officially start in just a couple months.

Join the co-host committee 6-8pm at University Bank, 2015 Washtenaw Avenue on Thursday September 15th.  For the $25 price of admission, you will meet and hear from both Gretchen Whitmer and Congressman Dan Kildee.  It’s actually a fundraiser for Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, who will also speak and be available to speak with you one on one, however for $25 you will also receive free dinner and drinks and tours of University Bank’s historic Mansion.  Other members of the co-host committee are:

Stephen Lange Ranzini & Lisa Ranzini
State Representative Jeff Irwin
State Representative Adam Zemke
State Representative Dave Rutledge
State Representative & Congressional Candidate Gretchen Driskell
County Commissioner & State Representative Candidate Ronnie Peterson
Ann Arbor School Board Member & Candidate for State Representative Donna Lasinski
Former State Representative Kirk Profit

This is the first time that either Gretchen Whitmer or Congressman Dan Kildee have spoken publicly in Washtenaw County.  This is probably the only opportunity you’ll have to compare them side by side and talk to them one on one before the 2018 Governor’s race starts.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend, so we can plan our food and drink order accordingly. This is a major organizing opportunity for the party so please get the word out and bring as many friends as you can!

RSVP online at
or via email at

Authorized by Debbie Dingell for Congress
Labor Donated

4th of July Cookout 11AM-3PM at Liberty Plaza. Suggested: $10-15 Students & Individuals $15-20 Families & Beer Drinkers.

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The Ann Arbor Dems Cookout Is Sponsored By:

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell
Evan Pratt, County Water Resources Commissioner 
Andy LaBarre, County Commissioner
Felicia Brabec, County Commissioner
Michelle Deatrick, Candidate for County Commissioner

AA Dems 4th cook-out flier

Washtenaw County Democratic Party (WCDP) is looking for a few good delegates

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Delegates Wanted!

The Washtenaw County Democratic Party (WCDP) is looking for a few good delegates. This is an elected position that helps organize and mobilize Democrats at the precinct level and will elect the County Executive Board after the election. Even though the deadline has passed to be listed on the August 2, 2106 Primary, you may still be a write-in candidate.

To be a precinct delegate, you must be a registered voter in the precinct you live in. You can then register no later than 4PM on July 29th with your City or Township Clerk (NOT the County Clerk) by downloading and printing the write-in candidate form at Read it carefully and fill it out but don’t sign it until you can find a notatary public to witness your signature. (Usually your local clerk’s office will have a notary).

Once you have filled the form in, signed it and had it notarized, submit it to your local clerk. On election day you and your friends can vote for you as a write-in candidate using the exact name you put on the form. In other words if you wrote Jane Elizabeth Doe on the write-in application, you or anyone else would have to write Jane Elizabeth Doe for the vote to count, Jane Doe would not work.

For any questions, please contact Bill Worzel at or Catherine Daligaa at

Don’t be left out when The Donald comes to town! Help send him back where he came from and while we’re at it, let’s take back Lansing!

Bridge over the Huron River with Obama written on it
2008 AA Dems Picnic
2010 AA Dems Labor Day Picnic
Rebekah Warren speaking at 2010 AA Dems Labor Day Picnic
Congressman John Dingell address AA Dems 2010 Labor Day Picnic Patrick Boeheim and another woman at the 2010 AA Dems Picnic Two Women at 2010 AA Dems Picnic 2011 Chili Cookoff Steven Kunselman and Yonah Lieberman, Jan. 2011 AA Dems Mixer, Jan. 2011 Man at AA Dems Mixer, Jan. 2011


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