Major Fundraisers

Annual Strolling Gala – occurs once per year in January, February or March.  The 2016 gala is on Sun. Feb. 21, 2016 at Rush Street Lounge.

Annual Chili Cook-Off – occurs the first Sunday in May each year during the Water Hill Music Festival.  The 2016 chili cook-off is on Sun. May 1, 2016.

Annual Independence Day Celebration and BBQ – occurs every July 4th immediately following the Jaycees Parade.  The 2016 BBQ is on Mon. July 4, 2016.

Annual Labor Day Picnic – occurs the first Monday of September each year on Labor Day.  The 2016 picnic is on Mon. Sep. 5, 2016.

Annual Straw Poll Dinner – occurs once per year in October.  The 2016 straw poll date is TBD.


Themed Mixers

Each year we organize 5 to 8 “themed mixers” throughout Washtenaw county during time periods when the Ann Arbor Democratic Party is not sponsoring a fundraiser.  Our mixers are FREE and open to the public.  We typically buy $50 to $100 in appetizers and attendees buy their own beverages and additional food selections if they choose.

These mixers are very casual opportunities for members and visitors to spend time getting to know each other and making friends outside of our structured politically charged meetings and events.  We support local food and beverage establishments who are friendly toward Democrats and Democratic Party values.  While not carved in stone – in the past we have organized mixers in:

January (for the State of the Union)

March (for Women’s history month)

June (for LGBT history month)

August (so we can party on a patio)

September (to welcome students and encourage student activism on college campuses)

November (to thank our organizers and activists for getting out the vote during election season)

If you have questions or feedback regarding fundraisers and mixers – feel free to contact our Chairman Mike Henry via email mikesoffice AT gmail DOT com

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