Ann Arbor Dems Membership Form

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Please click HERE to fill out the Ann Arbor Dems membership form!

November Membership Meeting!

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November Flyer

October Membership Meeting!

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October GMM Flyer AA Final

WCSO and WCCMH Presentation: Community Crisis

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Here is a link to the presentation on community mental health referenced by County Commissioner Andy Labarre during Saturday’s meeting.

Community Crisis (PDF)

Proposed Bylaw Changes

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Proposed Bylaw Changes

Article III – Membership


  1. Anyone who is in sympathy with the general aim and policies of the Party are welcome to become Party members.
  2. To become a Party member one must fill out a membership form, provide contact information, and provide the form to the Secretary or apply online
  3. In order to vote at Party meetings, one must be a member 30 days prior to any vote.
  4. The Secretary or the Chair’s designee shall have responsibility of maintaining the membership list.
  5. There shall be no dues for the Ann Arbor Democratic Party
  6. Democratic elected officials and nominees may become members at any meeting of the Ann Arbor Dems, and immediately be granted all rights of full membership, waiving the 30 day sign up delay for voting.




Article VIII – Notice of Resolutions

Initial notice of resolutions stating a Party position or changing the structure of the Party organization must be presented for discussion and review at a general Party meeting. Voting on resolutions will occur at the following general Party meeting. Secondary (voting meeting) noticemust be presented to the membership 30 days prior to the date of the meeting by email (unless member has notified Secretary that they are unable to receive email notifications) and posting to Party website and social media platforms.

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Due to the concerns regarding severe weather in the Ann Arbor area, we regret to inform our members that we have had to cancel this year’s Labor Day Picnic.

Please feel free to contact our Chairperson, Susan Baskett, with any questions or concerns.


Labor Day Promo - Cancelled

Stand in Solidarity

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Resolution to Boycott Nestle Waters North America Passes at May General Membership Meeting

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The following resolution was passed at the May General Membership Meeting.

Resolution to Boycott Nestle Waters North America Inc.

Whereas; A core belief of the Ann Arbor Democratic Club is to be good stewards of Michigan’s natural resources and being a leader in environmental conservation and

Whereas; Nestle Waters North America Inc. has continued to request in nearly doubling its water pumping withdrawal, despite numerous concerns raised from citizens on this action negatively impacting Michigan’s natural habitats, and unanimous refusal from local leadership in Osceola Township and

Whereas; The law of supply and demand is one of the most fundamental concepts in economics, where the relationship between consumer demand for goods and services will lead companies to adjust the supply necessary for a given product. Boycotts impact this economic law.

Therefore, it be RESOLVED; Ann Arbor Democratic Club will NOT purchase Nestle bottled water, including any of its affiliates, while strongly encouraging membership of the party to take similar measures to decrease the demand for their bottled products, rendering the request for additional water withdrawal from Michigan’s natural habit unnecessary, to protect Michigan’s ecosystem and freshwater economy.

Be It Further RESOLVED; Ann Arbor Democratic Club will send a communication commending the Osceola Township Board for their leadership in environmental conservation.

Finally, It Be RESOLVED; Copies of this Resolution to Boycott Nestle Water North America Inc. be distributed to other Michigan Democratic; Clubs, Caucuses, Chapters, and Districts for their consideration.

Annual Chili Cook-Off

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Purchase Tickets or Sponsor the Event!

Chili Cook-Off 2017 Flyer WITH ACTBLUE LINK


April General Membership Meeting!

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April GMM Flyer


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