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Sheriff Clayton’s Golf Classic | June 8 | Polo Fields Country Club-Washtenaw (click image below to enlarge)

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April 2012 Meeting Minutes

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AADP Meeting Minutes, 4/14/2012, submitted by Secretary Sonja Karnovsky.

Chili Cook-off
• Looking for sponsors
• Volunteers: during the event, data entry after, bring side dishes
• Ingrid Ault chair of committee
Precinct Delegate
• Looking for precinct delegates during August primary
• David Cahill will notarize applications
New Treasurer
• Doug Scott will take over. Recommended by Chairs and exec cmte.
• Motion: Jane Michener, Seconded: Lois Mayfield. Discussion. Doug spoke.
• Unanimous approval
Protect Our Jobs (Eric Keller)
• Coordinated campaign to secure collective bargaining rights
• Fighting against EMF law, workers’ compensation law, decreased
unemployment benefits, GSRE can’t unionize, home health care providers
can’t unionize
• Ballot initiative, need 322,000 signatures by July
• Events will be posted at AADP website
• Training Thursday, 6:30-7:30 at UAW hall in Ypsi
Presidential Caucus May 5
• Zones throughout the county
• More information on website
• Time allotted for candidates to speak
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Knute Nadelhoffer
• Political debate is moving away from fact
• Both sides should agree on factual basis and discuss what methods are
appropriate to solve the issue
• Emotional arguments hold too much sway
• Changing climate has serious repercussions for agriculture and by extension
human society
• Throughout Earth’s history, CO2 has never been above 300PPM
• Methane and CO2 are increasing very rapidly
• Climate change has moved out of the political sphere, need to bring it back
• Australia is taking a lead role in climate change research
• Climate change is cyclical, need to discredit anit- climate change scientists’
skewed data
• Q/A
•Thursday 6:00 at the County Building: working group on fracking
•Working session on fracking Wednesday at 7 at Liberty School in Saline

Next month
• Candidate forum, panel format

Candidate announcements
• Jeff Irwin
o Opportunity this year to get renewable portfolio on the ballot
Many Michigan companies produce renewable products, world
o Suing Speaker of the House over violations in bill implementation
Immediate effect has not been correctly granted
Republicans have passed through many bills without 2/3
• Mayor Hieftje
o Endorsing Evan Pratt for Water Resources Commissioner
o Ann Arbor expanded resources for homeless shelters
• $25 collected for raffle
• Sabra Breyer
o Efforts to expand warming shelter successful but not always popular
o Community saves money by expanding temporary emergency shelter
• Andy LaBarre
o Districts 1, 3, and 7 anyone interested in walking
• Gretchen Driscoll
o Running against Ouimet
o Visit website for more information
•Western Washtenaw Dems mixer May 22, instead of AADP mixer
• Adam Zemke
o Looking for people to knock doors
•Jason Morgan, on behalf of Congressman Dingell
o Continued community support, work to elect Democrats down the
• Jack Eaton, running for city council
o Neighborhood activist
o Communicate neighborhood priorities to city council
• Yousef Rabhi
o Focus on electing Democrats down the ticket
• Christina Montague, running in district 7 Washtenaw County Commissioner
o Jefferson-Jackson luncheon, Cobo Hall April 28
o Secretary of Labor may speak
o $50 tickets
•Kathy Wyatt, representing Sheriff Clayton
o Thank you to Jeff for Lansing update
o We need to work hard and repeat 2008
•Dave Cahill
o OFA going door to door starting April 21, shifts at 10, 12, 2
o (248)797-8139, available 10-4 on weekdays
• Andrea Brown Harrison, running for 55th district
o Focus on women, families, labor, school funding
• Tony Derizinski, running for city council reelection
o Democrats need to focus on working together
•Liz Seeger about Bridget Mary McCormack
o Important to have friendly justices in Michigan
o Important to know names: Johnson, Kelley, McCormack
• Next meetings: May 9 (exec) and 14 (candidate forum)
• Washtenaw Dems Dinner May 20
Motion to adjourn: Lois Mayfield, Seconded Andy LaBarre

Annual Chili Cook-off | Sun May 6th | 4-8pm | Sponsor Opportunities Available (click image to enlarge)

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Ann Arbor Dems Chili Cook Off Sunday, May 6th 4-8pm. Sponsor Opportunities available

Presidential Caucus Training | Tues Apr 3rd | 8-9 PM (click image to enlarge)

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Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry L. Clayton 2012 Campaign Kick-Off – March 31, 2012 (click image below to enlarge)

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WCDP & A2DP Unity Mtg – Sat. Mar. 17 | 1-3:30pm | Public Transportation Throughout Washtenaw County Panel

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Adam Zemke Campaign Kick-Off | Mar. 8 | 4pm | Ann Arbor District Library – Pittsfield Branch

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Adam Zemke Campaign Kick-Off March 8, 4pm Pittsfield Branch Library

Erane Washington Campaign Kick Off Letter | Feb. 29 | 5:30-8pm | WCC (click image below to enlarge)

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Erane Washington Campaign Kickoff Letter

Endorsement Mixer | Wed Feb 22 | The Earle Restaurant

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Resolution Endorsing Michigan Supreme Court Justice Candidate Bridget Mary McCormack

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Ann Arbor Democratic Party
Resolution Endorsing Michigan Supreme Court Justice Candidate
Bridget Mary McCormack

WHEREAS, the Ann Arbor Democratic Party (A2DP) aims to vigorously support candidates for the Michigan State Supreme Court that share and exhibit the values of the Party; and

WHEREAS, Bridget Mary McCormack shares our values and exhibits excellence in the finest sense of the American judicial tradition; and

WHEREAS, Bridget Mary McCormack has a proven track record of trial experience, commitment to justice and professionalism, and solid ability to make tough decisions; and

WHEREAS, Bridget Mary McCormack has been published in numerous law journals throughout the nation, is considered an authority on constitutional law, criminal law, evidence, legal ethics and has received the Patriot Award from the Washtenaw County Bar Association for work upholding American constitutional values; and

WHEREAS, Bridget Mary McCormack exhibits fine family values as the daughter of a United States Marine and a clinical social worker, mother of four children attending public schools, and the committed wife of a complimentary legal professional and good husband; and

WHEREAS, Bridget Mary McCormack has sought out support from the Ann Arbor Democratic Party through its proper channels;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Ann Arbor Democratic Party fully and wholeheartedly supports and endorses Bridget Mary McCormack for Michigan State Supreme Court Justice; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Ann Arbor Democratic Party strongly encourages all Democrats, Democratic Party organizations throughout the State of Michigan, and delegates for the Michigan Democratic Party to join us now in our unwavering endorsement of Bridget Mary McCormack.

Done on this Eleventh Day of February in the Year 2012 by authority of the membership of the Ann Arbor Democratic Party.


Michael L. Henry, Co-Chair                    Anne Bannister, Co-Chair

Ann Arbor Democratic Party                   Ann Arbor Democratic Party


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