Executive Board 2017

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Below are the Executive Board election results from the General Membership Meeting on Saturday, January 14, 2017:

  • Chairman – Susan Baskett
  • Treasurer – Georgina LeHuray
  • Secretary – Nora Lee Wright
  • Vice Chair for Organization – Jane Forman
  • Vice Chair for Special Events – Ashley Rutledge
  • Vice Chairs for Outreach and Inclusion – Keith Dumas and Lisa Kramer
  • Vice Chair for Communications – Jeremy Glick and Brian Briggs
  • Chief Technology Officer – Jaime Magiera
  • Vice Chair for Voter Registration and Protection – Carolyn Hejkal
  • Vice Chairs for Broadcasting and Production – Rod Casey and Jaime Magiera
  • Vice Chairs for Legislative Affairs – Grant Shafer and Peggy Rabhi
  • Vice Chairs for Statewide Engagement – Hedieh Briggs and Mary Hall-Thiam
  • Vice Chair for Women’s Engagement – Anna Zinkel
  • Vice Chairs for Social and Digital Media – Leslie Sobel and Jeremy Glick
  • Vice Chair for Programs – Patrick Boeheim and Robin Stephens
  • Vice Chair for Fundraising – Max Lerner
  • Vice Chair for Resolutions, Bylaws and Policy – Graham Teal and Travis Radina
  • Vice Chair for Mature Adult Issues – Walter Shwayder
  • Liaison to the College Democrats – Collin Kelly

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