2013 A2DP Officer Elections and Soapbox Meeting

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In keeping with our tradition of “robust public announcements”, the annual A2DP Soap Box meeting and Officer Elections is next Saturday, January 12 from 9:30 am to 12 Noon. Your thoughts on topics of concern and the direction you’d like our party to take are what we need to hear right now. Depending on turnout, you’ll have 3 minutes to exhilarate, exemplify, exceed all expectations and exhaust the possibilities. Don’t keep your light under a basket; show us what you’ve got.

Also, remember to buy your tickets for the Gala Fundraiser to be held on Saturday, February 16 at the Le Pop Art Gallery! Tickets will be available at the Jan. 12 meeting.

Slate of candidates submitted by the Nominating Committee:

  • Mike Henry vs. Thomas Partridge – Chair
  • Doug Scott – Treasurer
  • Reighan Gillam – Secretary
  • Eric Keller – Co-VC Precinct Organization
  • James Daniel – Co-VC Precinct Organization
  • Mary Hall-Thiam – Co-VC Programs
  • Margaret Connors – Co-VC Programs
  • Nora Wright – Co-VC Programs
  • Erica Ackerman – Chief Technology Officer
  • Lois Mayfield – Co-VC Mature Adult Issues
  • Margaret Bennett – Co-VC Mature Adult Issues
  • Milton Curry – VC Communications
  • Marty Fischhoff – Co-VC Bylaws, Resolutions, Policy
  • David Cahill – Co-VC Bylaws, Resolutions, Policy
  • Jay Mullick – Co-VC Special Events
  • Mazin Assanie – Co-VC Outreach
  • Rachel Stevens – Co-VC Outreach

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