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A2DP Pocket Voter Guide

Posted on: October 12th, 2012 by Erica Ackerman No Comments

The Ann Arbor Democratic Party (in the person of Liz Seger) has developed a pocket voting guide for the coming election. Feel free to download the guide and distribute copies. It is designed to print four copies per page.

A2 Democratic Party 2012 Pocket Voter Guide
Step 1:  Vote straight ticket Dems!  
Step 2:  Non-partisan races  
Justice of Supreme Court                      (open seats, vote for 2) Connie Marie Kelley Bridget Mary McCormack
Justice of Supreme Court (incumbent, vote for 1) Sheila Johnson
Judge Court of Appeals (incumbent) No choice, no endorsement
Judge Court of Appeals (incumbent, partial term) No choice, no endorsement
Judge of Circuit Court      (incumbent) Timothy Connors and Michael Woodyard are both Dems, no endorsement
Judge of Circuit Court                  (open seat) Carol Kuhnke 
Local School District, Community College, Library District No endorsements
Step 3:  Proposals  
12-1 Emergency Manager Law vote NO (repeals PA4)
12-2 Collective Bargaining vote YES 
12-3 Renewable Energy vote YES 
12-4 Home Health Care vote YES 
12-5 No New Taxes w/o Vote vote NO  
12-6 No New Bridges w/o Vote  To be determined
Ann Arbor Parks Millage vote YES                     (renewal, no increase)
B Art in Public Places  To be determined
New Library  To be determined


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