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Labor Day Picnic | Mon. Sep. 3rd, 3-7pm | Elks Lodge (click link to purchase tkts or click image to enlarge flyer)

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MDP Justice Caucus video for Bridget Mary McCormack

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More than 1,000 people liked our Facebook page in July. Join us as we welcome them to Team Bridget.

We appreciate all of your support!

Check out this great video by the Michigan Democratic Party Justice Caucus. The Justice Caucus is all in for Bridget Mary McCormack for Michigan Supreme Court:

Bridget Mary McCormack for Michigan Supreme Court

Bridget McCormack gains traction on social media: Daily Kos buzz

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Posted originally on Daily Kos, July 25:

Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget Mary McCormack (MDP endorsed) overtook incumbent candidate Brian Zahra (R) last week for the most Facebook “likes”. McCormack, a University of Michigan Law School Dean, now has 1,625 likes to Zahra’s 1,497. Although Facebook likes are an unproven indicator of potential election success, the recent surge in support for McCormack stems from her earned media and strong field campaign, which is a grassroots effort perhaps unprecedented for a Supreme Court race. The point is: She is gaining momentum, and fast.

Find out more about Bridget and her campaign for the Michigan Supreme Court by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

Help Bridget Mary McCormack spread the word about her fight for fairness and integrity by inviting your friends and neighbors to join the campaign!

It’s also noteworthy that McCormack has amassed 1,194 Twitter followers, which far surpasses any of the other candidates in the race.

Second Anniversary of Dodd-Frank

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The recent financial crisis cost 8.7 million jobs, erased more than $19 trillion in household wealth, and severely undercut confidence in the integrity of U.S. financial markets. Reform of the financial system was not a choice, it was an obligation. And on July 21, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to address key gaps and weaknesses in the system to help make future financial shocks less likely and less damaging.

Wall Street Reform has already had a meaningful effect on ordinary Americans. Consumers are benefiting from clearer information and stronger protections on lending products and other financial services. And investors are getting a voice with “Say on Pay.”

We have just marked the second anniversary of Wall Street Reform and implementation is well under way, with critical elements of Wall Street Reform set to be in place by the end of 2012. To outline the progress made, the U.S. Department of the Treasury has developed an overview of where reform stands and its effects on the financial system to date. For the complete overview, please see the attached presentation: Reforming Wall Street, Protecting Main Street (pdf).

We hope this Wall Street Reform chart deck leaves you with a clearer understanding of what we have accomplished. All of us benefit from these common-sense reforms that are critical to restoring the safety, stability, and integrity of the financial system and building a sound foundation for economic growth.


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