April 2012 Meeting Minutes

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AADP Meeting Minutes, 4/14/2012, submitted by Secretary Sonja Karnovsky.

Chili Cook-off
• Looking for sponsors
• Volunteers: during the event, data entry after, bring side dishes
• Ingrid Ault chair of committee
Precinct Delegate
• Looking for precinct delegates during August primary
• David Cahill will notarize applications
New Treasurer
• Doug Scott will take over. Recommended by Chairs and exec cmte.
• Motion: Jane Michener, Seconded: Lois Mayfield. Discussion. Doug spoke.
• Unanimous approval
Protect Our Jobs (Eric Keller)
• Coordinated campaign to secure collective bargaining rights
• Fighting against EMF law, workers’ compensation law, decreased
unemployment benefits, GSRE can’t unionize, home health care providers
can’t unionize
• Ballot initiative, need 322,000 signatures by July
• Events will be posted at AADP website
• Training Thursday, 6:30-7:30 at UAW hall in Ypsi
Presidential Caucus May 5
• Zones throughout the county
• More information on website
• Time allotted for candidates to speak
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Knute Nadelhoffer
• Political debate is moving away from fact
• Both sides should agree on factual basis and discuss what methods are
appropriate to solve the issue
• Emotional arguments hold too much sway
• Changing climate has serious repercussions for agriculture and by extension
human society
• Throughout Earth’s history, CO2 has never been above 300PPM
• Methane and CO2 are increasing very rapidly
• Climate change has moved out of the political sphere, need to bring it back
• Australia is taking a lead role in climate change research
• Climate change is cyclical, need to discredit anit- climate change scientists’
skewed data
• Q/A
•Thursday 6:00 at the County Building: working group on fracking
•Working session on fracking Wednesday at 7 at Liberty School in Saline

Next month
• Candidate forum, panel format

Candidate announcements
• Jeff Irwin
o Opportunity this year to get renewable portfolio on the ballot
Many Michigan companies produce renewable products, world
o Suing Speaker of the House over violations in bill implementation
Immediate effect has not been correctly granted
Republicans have passed through many bills without 2/3
• Mayor Hieftje
o Endorsing Evan Pratt for Water Resources Commissioner
o Ann Arbor expanded resources for homeless shelters
• $25 collected for raffle
• Sabra Breyer
o Efforts to expand warming shelter successful but not always popular
o Community saves money by expanding temporary emergency shelter
• Andy LaBarre
o Districts 1, 3, and 7 anyone interested in walking
• Gretchen Driscoll
o Running against Ouimet
o Visit website for more information
•Western Washtenaw Dems mixer May 22, instead of AADP mixer
• Adam Zemke
o Looking for people to knock doors
•Jason Morgan, on behalf of Congressman Dingell
o Continued community support, work to elect Democrats down the
• Jack Eaton, running for city council
o Neighborhood activist
o Communicate neighborhood priorities to city council
• Yousef Rabhi
o Focus on electing Democrats down the ticket
• Christina Montague, running in district 7 Washtenaw County Commissioner
o Jefferson-Jackson luncheon, Cobo Hall April 28
o Secretary of Labor may speak
o $50 tickets
•Kathy Wyatt, representing Sheriff Clayton
o Thank you to Jeff for Lansing update
o We need to work hard and repeat 2008
•Dave Cahill
o OFA going door to door starting April 21, shifts at 10, 12, 2
o (248)797-8139, available 10-4 on weekdays
• Andrea Brown Harrison, running for 55th district
o Focus on women, families, labor, school funding
• Tony Derizinski, running for city council reelection
o Democrats need to focus on working together
•Liz Seeger about Bridget Mary McCormack
o Important to have friendly justices in Michigan
o Important to know names: Johnson, Kelley, McCormack
• Next meetings: May 9 (exec) and 14 (candidate forum)
• Washtenaw Dems Dinner May 20
Motion to adjourn: Lois Mayfield, Seconded Andy LaBarre

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