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Courtesy of Sabra Briere, Council Member, 1st Ward

The Council’s working session June 13 involved three different staff briefings on issues that could affect us all: redistricting of the city, street maintenance and sidewalk millages, and annexation of township “islands”.


The City Charter requires that the City be redistricted after each national census.  The census numbers came back a few months ago, and the City Clerk has drafted a redistricting plan.

During the last 10 years, the First Ward’s population increased compared to the other four wards (the overall population of Ann Arbor decreased between the 2000 and 2010 censuses, but only by 90 people).  This population increase in the First Ward means that the First Ward will have its boundaries decreased.  All of this change is in the downtown.  Each of the other wards will have boundary changes – and each will receive a portion of the First Ward’s current population.

Because the new boundaries result in redistricting less than 2000 people, the changes are minor.  They are expected take effect prior to the November election.

I suggested to the City Clerk that a simpler version of the redistricting plan would move almost the same number of residents while requiring fewer boundary adjustments.

Here’s a link to the current reapportionment plan.  This is a map with my suggested changes.  The Council will vote on this in July.

Street Maintenance millage renewal and a proposed Sidewalk millage

The Council will be considering whether to put a renewal of the Street Maintenance millage on the November ballot.  At the same time, the Council will consider whether to ask voters to approve a new millage for Sidewalk Maintenance.

The staff provided their report at the working session on June 13.  I’ll have more to say on these two millages in a later newsletter.  Here’s a link to the staff report.


The City staff prepared a report with recommendations regarding annexation of properties that are currently township islands.  The Council may consider amending the City’s current annexation policies and the agreements with the townships of Ann Arbor, Pittsfield and Scio.

There are several considerations and options included in the staff report.  Here is a link to the report and one to the map of township islands.

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